Saturday, January 06, 2007

Decent ways of making bad manners...

yes that is one of the comments from one of our (dis)honorable members...i can't remember what it was in connection to but i remember watching the 06 news recap and was like WTF??? Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!! Sooo we back in the swing of things quite reluctantly but what to do? reality has to check in at one point. It was great taking a break and if I could i would rewind and go back but alas! Anyway, pain is packing tusker malts and having them thrown away by airport security because of all this liquid carrying issues at the airport...yes i have to admit a lapse in judgement when i put them in my carry on badala ya main luggage. Whichever cracked up dutchman/woman is enjoying them in pretense of confiscation ashindwe na pepo kali!! Oh well c'est la vie ne c'est pas?
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