Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Long weekend...

Why oh why.....Long weekends zishindwe! Somehow I always end up lying to myself ati I will chill and relax like a nice girl, kula some r and r and avoid the rev. Lo and behold Memorial weekend just taught me how to avoid lying to myself. My ka-clock is now working backwards seeing that today i ingiad kazini thinking it was Monday therefore totally missing a meeting. I want last Friday back!!! Texas ishindwe! Now, does anyone know if those plane pillows (the ones that look like a ka-horseshoe) work? should I bother investing in one? I'm suffering from serious whip lash seeing that my ka-head was bobbing back and forth and sideways on the plane.

PS..God bless the inventor of Shiatsu massage chairs

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007


After reading Archer's post on his blogversary..i feel very ashamed since I totally missed on recognizing mine. Haidhuru. I've lost track on who is on the BT ala Milo (bilas train for you newbies). Needlessly, i've katad a tikiti to the land of tuliza for now...So whoever is on the train aka welcoming committee whereforth art thine?

Ama am I soloz?

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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Awake from your slumber..

"Awake from your slumber
Arise from your sleep
A new day is dawning....."
Come on now sing along... in an effort to revive blogging mojo i thought the song "City of God" might do something....we'll see. I missed a couple of you folks....mnajijua..werokamu sitidowni!


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